Space Crime Cop Patrol!

Space Crime Cop Patrol are a group of crime fighters, space crime fighters, who I’ve been doing stuff with on and off for about 10 years. They are now going to be being published right here on this page whenever I feel like it!


Hey! I’m making a Space Crime Cop Patrol children’s novel! I’m doing it a little differently than my other novels, though, in that I’m producing it more as a serial, with stand-alone stories that will eventually form a longer narrative. The other difference is that I’m also planning on making it available here for free as the episodes are produced.

Episode 1
Gosh! That Cat Is Trouble!
(updated Dec 15, 2018)

I’ll be posting sections here as downloadable PDFs as they’re finished. I’m in no hurry on this project, so if you like it and want more, you’ll need to harass me about it! Because of the nature of this project, it’s quite possible that I’ll go back and make edits to episodes that have already been released— In fact, I can’t really guarantee that what I do release will have been all that well edited. Don’t get me wrong, this is third or fourth draft before you see it, but still… 

Aside from that, you can also download your own copy of the coloring book I did a couple of years ago. Enjoy!


So. Many many years ago, I created the Space Crime Cop Patrol, although it wasn’t conceived as being all that, originally. It was just an octopus with a raygun next to a fish in a spacesuit.

He made me laugh, so I began putting the octopus in a few other random drawings. I put him on a flying dog for no reason, and he made regular appearances on our holiday cards.

I began pairing him with other random characters and things I’d drawn, and named him Space Squid, in spite of the fact that he was clearly an octopus (I think I might have done this specifically to annoy Audrey). I imagined that he was some kind of cop, so I saved all these drawings in a folder labeled Space Crime Cop Patrol. It was just a thing I occasionally did for fun.

At some point, I got the bug in mind to put a bunch of these drawings together in a coloring book (downloadable above!), so I pulled them together, did a bunch more drawings, and put it out. There was no plot or story or even much character continuity, since I tended to never reference previous drawings when I was doing it. But people really enjoyed it, and I began fielding questions about when I was going to publish Space Crime Cop Patrol stories. That pretty much brings us up to date.