The Tale of Honey Joe

I had to write a poem about a Bear Who Dresses Like Another Bear For Tax Purposes, per a hing on the Kickstarter I’m running. This is what came out:

And then I also put together this limerick, because why not:

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A Poem About A Piranha!

I just posted a big update on my Kickstarter project, which you can read by clicking here. I’m too lazy to copy and re-format the text for this blog. Just click the link! The long and the short of it is enjoy this poem I wrote and illustrated this morning:

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Five Little Goats

Hey world! So here is a piece of art that running my 100 [Animals] Kickstarter inspired me to finish this morning, some 5+ years after deciding it needed to be done. The backstory is that all those years ago, while counting a young boy’s toes, I suddenly became infuriated that the “This little piggy” nursery rhyme rhymed “home” with “home.” C’MON, MOTHER GOOSE! YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT! So I wrote this alternate version literally on the spot, as I counted out fingers, because that particular boy was then obsessed with goats. Why did it take five years to do up the art? Because I waffled forever one whether to transfer the goats back to piggies. I finally took a poll of the children near me, and they unanimously voted “GOAT,” so here we are.

The original artwork is on 11″x17″ bristol. I used India ink in a technical pen. The colors are Photoshop. The hand lettering took as long as the goats, because I’m terrible at lettering. Here’s a blue version:

I hope you enjoy this, and I also hope that you’re telling your friends and loved ones to back this project, or at the very least to saunter over to the google poll I setup to answer one quick measly little question:

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100 [Animals] Project

Jiminy Cricket! How was it been a month since I last updated this? I feel like I’ve been producing and posting stuff on the webs constantly since then! Though I guess to be fair, much of that was pages of How To Say Goodbye. Anyhow- I’ve got a big new Kickstarter project that I just started. I want to make a jigsaw puzzle! Puzzles are fun! So that’s what we’re gonna try to do.

Kickstarter is currently running this Make 100 campaign, where they’re looking for projects that have a limited edition reward of 100 items. So I’ll be drawing 100 of some type of animal that backers will vote on at the end of the project. Or at least that’s the plan. There’s some other stuff in there as well. Here is the link to see the project. Tell your friends!

Here’s kind of sort of what it will all look like, but with 8 bears, not 100 animals that you vote on: 

That’s a sample of what the individual drawings would look like, except that they would be individual, and here is a picture of what they would look like compiled:

Anyhow. That’s my thing for today. I also sorta started doing a comic again, and I’m working on another Raccoonteurs book that I’ll start at some point in the next couple of months, probably. Plus whatever rabbits I usually pull out of whatever hats I find.

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Inspirational Images

Did this a few weeks ago. No idea what to do with it. Suggestions?

Also, I just did this, also no idea what to do with it:

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How To Say Goodbye

How To Say Goodbye

Beginning today I’m publishing a new alphabet book, How To Say Goodbye, one page per day, until the end of the year. It’ll be available to read over at, and possibly I’ll be updating it through instagram, if I can figure that out, so follow me there, maybe? I dunno. There’s also the twitter machine, which I’m also not sure I’ve ever figured out entirely. Oh yeah, if the embed thing works, then it’ll update itself here automatically, as well. There you go. Enjoy.

I guess if you’re interested in buying any of the original artwork, let me know, somehow. It’s production art, so there are possibly some blemishes and stuff, but it was all actually done in three colors of ink at 9″x6″ on bristol.

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The Path Forward


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Happy Halloween




Originals are all 11″x14″ technical pen on bristol. I drew the Frankenstein’s Monster for no real reason, and someone asked if I was doing a theme for the holiday, which is how we find ourselves here.

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I was looking for a copy of something for someone, and decided to lay out every book I’ve self-published. The scary thing is that I know there are several books missing— things that sold out or that I no longer have copies of or ready access to. There are probably books I’ve forgotten entirely, as well.


Plus, of course, there are the online-only books, as well as books that were never finished, or that never saw/haven’t yet seen print for whatever reason. Yowza!

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Look ma, I made a shirt design!

I did this drawing for no reason and then recorded my digital mucking about for even less reason. Then, to try and justify it all ex post facto, I made it a shirt.

The original was 14″x11″ technical pen on bristol. Everything after that is obviously Photoshop. I decided to show the steps I took to make this design, for no real reason beyond boredom, I guess…

It’s available for sale in the Never Knows Threadless Shop. Buy something, or else everything I do forever is just a waste of time.

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