Bathos_TL_color1_smaller Bathos_TL_color2_smaller

These two pieces are 11″x17″ India and drawing ink on bristol. The scanner does some weird stuff to the color, but I don’t feel like fighting it.

I really want someone to commission one of these in, like, the 4ft by 6ft range. It would take forever, but I think it would look amazing. I’d do it just for myself and to have, but I don’t have anywhere to hang or even to store such a piece. I need a gallery or a patron to step up and give up a wall for the team.

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It’s Not You, It’s Modern Living

modern living

I said this to someone the other day, and then immediately visualized it as a completed image. So I did that, and having done that, made it a shirt over at my Threadless shop. I wasn’t really sure why I had chosen to do a dinosaur (instead of a cowboy? or a mammoth?), until I saw my last post, which was also dinosaur related, based on something someone else said. There you go. I’ve also got a drawing of a pterodactyl sitting on my desk, but I did that a couple of months ago while watching the Adèle Blanc-Sec movie. I’ll do something with it at some point, unless I forget.

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My Favorite Is All The Dinosaurs

all the dinosaurs

A recent commission I did for a four year old. Went ahead and made it a shirt for sale over at my Threadless shop. The original was India ink (technical pen) on 14″x11″ bristol, same as basically everything I do.

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I drew a bat!


Original was 11″x14″ India ink (technical pen), but then I computered it up a bunch. Finally, for no real reason (besides trying to make a living, I guess), I threw it up for sale as a shirt at Threadless.

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So You’re Saying There’s A Chance!

i believe web

I drew this after attending the US v Ecuador game on Thursday the 16th. We had a blast and felt the closest thing to patriotism that it’s even remotely possible to feel in an election year. It’s up as a shirt in my Threadless shop, if you want to support the supporters of the Nats. The original is India ink on 9″x12″ bristol.

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The Hubris of Hue- Out Now!


The new Harmony Boom book is now officially out! A lovely little rhyming book about colors. Tres chic! It’s available now at the Never Knows Heavy Manufacturing Concern shop, and also at Gallery Boom in Tumwater, as soon as I get in my car and drive a box of copies over there.

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The Witch

the witch

14″x11″ India ink (technical pen) on Bristol. Drawn while watching The Witch.

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Too much HBO?

I drew this while watching Game of Thrones…fuck sailors

This image just leapt into and from my mind fully-formed, like Athena from Zeus’s head, only as a t-shirt, not a goddess. So I went ahead and threw it up in my threadless store, though I did change the words to be a little less salty. Sigh. I’ve actually had this font on my computer a long time, it’s called “Hello Sailor,” but this was the first chance I’ve had to use it where it actually seemed appropriate.

Then this morning I drew this while watching a rerun of John Oliver, just futzing around aimlessly with a pen and paper at hand…

some animals

Obviously both were originally drawings that I then did some Photoshoppy stuff to.

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Drew this while watching Game of Thrones…skull

9″x12″ India ink (technical pen) on Bristol

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Dr. Evolution Loves Bananas

dr evolution1 web

Here’s a new thing I did for absolutely no reason! I even made it a shirt over at my Threadless shop, for also no reason! The original artwork looks like this:

dr evolutionORIG web

9″x12″ India ink (technical pen) and inkwash on bristol.

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