Happy Halloween




Originals are all 11″x14″ technical pen on bristol. I drew the Frankenstein’s Monster for no real reason, and someone asked if I was doing a theme for the holiday, which is how we find ourselves here.

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I was looking for a copy of something for someone, and decided to lay out every book I’ve self-published. The scary thing is that I know there are several books missing— things that sold out or that I no longer have copies of or ready access to. There are probably books I’ve forgotten entirely, as well.


Plus, of course, there are the online-only books, as well as books that were never finished, or that never saw/haven’t yet seen print for whatever reason. Yowza!

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Look ma, I made a shirt design!

I did this drawing for no reason and then recorded my digital mucking about for even less reason. Then, to try and justify it all ex post facto, I made it a shirt.

The original was 14″x11″ technical pen on bristol. Everything after that is obviously Photoshop. I decided to show the steps I took to make this design, for no real reason beyond boredom, I guess…

It’s available for sale in the Never Knows Threadless Shop. Buy something, or else everything I do forever is just a waste of time.

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The Sneaky Snarky Osters

Here are some pages from my new poetry book, The Sneaky Snarky Osters. Please enjoy and feel free to share these. The book is currently available in Olympia at Gallery Boom and at Captain Little, also online at the Never Knows Shop, I assume…



thesneakysnarkyosters_thecordialcoggles thesneakysnarkyosters_thelump thesneakysnarkyosters_thetwurp

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Sunday Pickup


India ink (nib, and technical pen) on 14″x11″ bristol

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Some Bathos Paintings

Well, I say paintings, but they’re actually done with ink…


Your Delusions Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Mine – 16″x20″ ink on canvas


Who Knew The Eclipse Would Be Blue Ruin – 16″x20″ ink on canvas

With a little bit of luck, these will be available for sale at the new Gallery Boom in Olympia when it opens October 1st. Also my new book, The Sneaky Snarky Osters, will be available for sale, I hope.


The question mark is how I’m going to get the display case and books and everything from my garage to the new downtown location this evening. Cross your fingers for me!

Oh yeah, I might have a new chapbook available somehow tomorrow, as well. Plus, the new Halloween book was supposed to show up today, but the Osters did instead, even though they’re due next week. Weird. So, uh, look out for that.

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Joga Bonito


14″x11″ India ink on bristol

Did this while watching Champion’s League this week. From the same series I did some work on earlier this year. Really nothing but my love of lines, steel nibs, and soccer.

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Inside Llewyn Davis


Ink on 14″x11″ bristol.

Did this while watching the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis last night. Not really my usual style- just horsing around while I watched a movie about folk music (ostensibly).

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I haven’t caught things up here in awhile, I’ll try to do that really quickly…

So, a couple of weeks ago I started a new web project called True Stuffs on Instagram, for no apparent reason or obvious end goal. Today I gave it its own website over at truestuffs.com. My only vague goal is to somewhere somehow cover an entire wall with these things. Similar to All Good Excuses, this began as a one-off joke that got out of hand.

I’ve got two new books at the printer right now. One is last year’s Raccoonteur Halloween book. The other is a collection of 26 poems about various creatures, called The Sneaky Snarky Osters.


Provided both books make it back from the printer in reasonable time, I’ll have them available for sale and whatever in early October. If you’re local to the Olympia area, and interested in doing a reading, I can do that. Both books are all-ages appropriate, I think, though I may not be a great judge. At any rate, I don’t remember drawing any penises or rhyming any cusses.

I’ve also got a new Raccoonteurs book in production, called How To Say Goodbye, that I’ll be publishing somewhere at some point. If you are a place that wants to publish a book a page at a time for 26 days, do let me know.

There you go.

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11″x14″ Ink on bristol.

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