Inside Llewyn Davis


Ink on 14″x11″ bristol.

Did this while watching the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis last night. Not really my usual style- just horsing around while I watched a movie about folk music (ostensibly).

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I haven’t caught things up here in awhile, I’ll try to do that really quickly…

So, a couple of weeks ago I started a new web project called True Stuffs on Instagram, for no apparent reason or obvious end goal. Today I gave it its own website over at My only vague goal is to somewhere somehow cover an entire wall with these things. Similar to All Good Excuses, this began as a one-off joke that got out of hand.

I’ve got two new books at the printer right now. One is last year’s Raccoonteur Halloween book. The other is a collection of 26 poems about various creatures, called The Sneaky Snarky Osters.


Provided both books make it back from the printer in reasonable time, I’ll have them available for sale and whatever in early October. If you’re local to the Olympia area, and interested in doing a reading, I can do that. Both books are all-ages appropriate, I think, though I may not be a great judge. At any rate, I don’t remember drawing any penises or rhyming any cusses.

I’ve also got a new Raccoonteurs book in production, called How To Say Goodbye, that I’ll be publishing somewhere at some point. If you are a place that wants to publish a book a page at a time for 26 days, do let me know.

There you go.

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11″x14″ Ink on bristol.

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Bathos_TL_color1_smaller Bathos_TL_color2_smaller

These two pieces are 11″x17″ India and drawing ink on bristol. The scanner does some weird stuff to the color, but I don’t feel like fighting it.

I really want someone to commission one of these in, like, the 4ft by 6ft range. It would take forever, but I think it would look amazing. I’d do it just for myself and to have, but I don’t have anywhere to hang or even to store such a piece. I need a gallery or a patron to step up and give up a wall for the team.

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It’s Not You, It’s Modern Living

modern living

I said this to someone the other day, and then immediately visualized it as a completed image. So I did that, and having done that, made it a shirt over at my Threadless shop. I wasn’t really sure why I had chosen to do a dinosaur (instead of a cowboy? or a mammoth?), until I saw my last post, which was also dinosaur related, based on something someone else said. There you go. I’ve also got a drawing of a pterodactyl sitting on my desk, but I did that a couple of months ago while watching the Adèle Blanc-Sec movie. I’ll do something with it at some point, unless I forget.

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My Favorite Is All The Dinosaurs

all the dinosaurs

A recent commission I did for a four year old. Went ahead and made it a shirt for sale over at my Threadless shop. The original was India ink (technical pen) on 14″x11″ bristol, same as basically everything I do.

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I drew a bat!


Original was 11″x14″ India ink (technical pen), but then I computered it up a bunch. Finally, for no real reason (besides trying to make a living, I guess), I threw it up for sale as a shirt at Threadless.

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So You’re Saying There’s A Chance!

i believe web

I drew this after attending the US v Ecuador game on Thursday the 16th. We had a blast and felt the closest thing to patriotism that it’s even remotely possible to feel in an election year. It’s up as a shirt in my Threadless shop, if you want to support the supporters of the Nats. The original is India ink on 9″x12″ bristol.

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The Hubris of Hue- Out Now!


The new Harmony Boom book is now officially out! A lovely little rhyming book about colors. Tres chic! It’s available now at the Never Knows Heavy Manufacturing Concern shop, and also at Gallery Boom in Tumwater, as soon as I get in my car and drive a box of copies over there.

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The Witch

the witch

14″x11″ India ink (technical pen) on Bristol. Drawn while watching The Witch.

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